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Todos Together

Nearly 1 million of our colleagues, friends, and neighbors in New York are undocumented. And most are shut out of emergency government relief during COVID-19. We teamed up with Brooklyn Defender Services to build a brand and website for Todos Together, a fundraising campaign to provide financial support to immigrants weathering 2020’s unprecedented hardships. The site foregrounds personal stories and balances warmth and urgency, making it easy and compelling for people to contribute.

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For the Sixth

A national education and action initiative to reform public defense, protect public defense funding, and empower attorneys, For the Sixth anchors its multifaceted work in the 6th Amendment. To connect For The Sixth’s distinctive campaigns in a cohesive look and feel, we provided visual direction and branding. Grounding the overarching initiative with a strong yet simple logo that serves as a confident rallying cry, we also created a system of flexible color palettes to distinguish each campaign. The first of a series of local campaigns focuses on Louisiana’s underfunded public defense offices. Check out the Louisiana launch.

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Vote Early Day

With COVID-19 raging on, Vote Early Day is more relevant than ever. It’s essential that everyone gets the opportunity to cast their vote easily and safely, and since launching in March, Vote Early Day has garnered over 500 organizational partners who believe that, too. We just released VED’s design toolkit, based on our initial branding and website design. The toolkit makes it easy for partner organizations and engaged citizens alike to share customized, on-brand messaging about voting early. Do you know your options? Find out on the VED site!

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Power the Polls

America is facing a record shortage of poll workers — the everyday folks who help ensure safe, fair, and timely elections. ViacomCBS is working to change that with Power the Polls, a new initiative to recruit more poll workers. We built one of our signature design toolkits for PTP to help more people spread the word with customizable graphics and social media tiles. And so far, it’s been working! Over 150,000 people have signed up to become poll workers for the upcoming election.

Hype in the Wild

➞ Our police budget calculator for Vera Institute of Justice was featured in Fast Company Co.Design.

➞ We interviewed 22 nonprofit execs about maintaining momentum during COVID-19. Read about the project and find out our key takeaways on Charity Navigator’s blog.

➞ Creative Director Deroy joined a cohort of design experts to weigh in on the Biden-Harris logo for Fast Company.

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